13 Ideas to Make Money on the Side

13 Ideas to Make Money on The Side

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It seems like no matter how much money our family makes, I am always looking to add a little more with a side gig. Fortunately for me, I’ve found several different ways to make some extra cash on the side! Who doesn’t want to make some extra money? You could use it to fund a family outing, help buy groceries, or put towards a debt you’re trying to pay off. No matter what you need the money for, it’s great to have some extra coming in! Here are some ideas for you:

Have a garage sale.

Garage sale, yard sale, whatever you call it! Twice a year, my family gathers their extra crap and heads out front to sell it all. This is a great way to earn some extra money fast! Make sure you have change on hand, and don’t be afraid to let some things go at a lower price.

Be a house/dog sitter.

When I was in high school and college, I had lots of people ask me to house sit for them. I lived at home, so it was a nice get away. Most of the time, there was an animal to feed, but sometimes people just like to have someone in their home to ward off thieves or intruders. These gigs can also pay a decent amount when you consider how little work is actually involved.


Babysitting is a side job that will never go out of style. People are always going to have babies that need babysat. Offer a service for couples who want to have a date night on the weekend, or in the evening. This could easily make you some extra money for just a few hours a week.

Take surveys from home.

This option can make you some extra cash, or get you some gift cards to use however you please. I’ve compiled a list of websites that allow you to take surveys or do tasks in exchange for money or gift cards. Here are some options:

Inbox Dollars – This website allows you to take surveys, play games, and complete tasks to earn extra money. Sign up here!

My Points – Shop deals through the site to save money. Play games, take surveys for points, and redeem for gift cards. Sign up here!

Swagbucks – Earn free gift cards by rewarding you points (SwagBucks) for things you do online. Sign up here!

PrizeRebel – Survey site that allows you to make money by taking surveys. Sign up here!

Sell items on Ebay/Craigslist.

Do you have some items of value sitting around your house? If you don’t use it, why not sell it! Make sure you factor in shipping for Ebay, and be careful and safe when using Craigslist. These are both great options for selling things around the house that are worth some money.

Shovel snow or mow grass.

Each season has a need. In the summer, you could go around the neighborhood and offer grass cutting services for a fee. In the winter, you could offer snow shoveling. You’d be surprised what other people don’t want to do themselves.

Be a lifeguard.

In the summer, being a lifeguard could certainly earn you some extra cash. It’s an easy, fun job!

Open an Etsy shop.

Do you have some kind of craft or skill? Open an Etsy shop! The possibilities are endless when it comes to Etsy. You could make candles, soaps, crochet items, or anything else you can think of! Some people make t-shirts, ornaments,  and baby clothes & accessories. Etsy allows you to get your product in front of plenty of people. But, it MUST be handmade. Etsy doesn’t allow the selling of anything you didn’t make yourself.

Donate blood.

Check your local area for places to donate blood or plasma. In some areas, the payout is quite high for a minimal amount of work. This could easily earn you enough extra money each month to pay a few bills!

Use Amazon Mturk.

This is my best kept secret, and here I am sharing it with you! When I first started getting serious about paying off debts, I learned about Amazon Mturk. It is a website where you can complete “hits” for money. These can be a wide array of things from surveys, to typing out receipts for apps like Savings Catcher and Ibotta. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it’s a legitimate way to make some extra money. I usually transfer my money to an Amazon gift card, but you can have the cash direct deposited. I have made enough to buy several baby items without much extra effort. Sometimes they don’t accept everyone, but once you are signed up, when they are opening again you will get a welcome letter. Sign up here.

Use Ibotta to earn cash back on groceries.

Ibotta is an app that allows you to earn cash back on groceries and items that you are already purchasing. Just take your receipt from the store, take a picture of it with the app, and find the item they are offering money back on. This is an easy, fun way to earn cash back! The best part is, you are probably already buying most of the stuff already! You’ll earn $10 on your first receipt if you sign up here!

Earn cash back for online purchases with Ebates.

Ebates is an app and website that allows you to shop through them to earn a percentage of cash back. It’s simple. Sign up, click through Ebates to find your store, then purchase your items and you’ll earn a percentage back! If you’re already going to buy online, this is a no-brainer! It’s no cost to you, and super easy. Also, you can earn money by referring friends. Sign up here!

Start a home cleaning business.

If cleaning is something you’re good at, starting your own cleaning business could be a great option. Make flyers, start a Facebook group, and pass out business cards to get the word out. You could make a decent side job out of just a few clients!









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